Working in schools with both teachers and children is hugely rewarding, inspiring and a massive learning experience. I aim to inspire and support teachers and students to be enthusiastic about learning and the principles of Growth Mindset. st peters

I relish the chance to speak to a variety of audiences and love a PREZI!

I have been involved with Primary and Secondary Schools and working with teachers. The future is bright and I am looking forward to working with in future to Champion the Growth Mindset movement in Scottish Schools… AND BEYOND!


Mr Simon Stevenson, Head Teacher at The Aspire Academy in Worcester the-aspire-academy-logo

As part of our September training INSET preparations, Bruce delivered a training session on Growth Mindset and its application to an Alternative Free School setting.

It was clear from the outset that Bruce had done his homework on the school and was aware of the unique educational setting that he found himself in and he pitched his presentation and discussions appropriately.

Bruce is engaging, serious and humorous and clearly a passionate advocate of the Growth Mindset movement. His confidence in delivering to a new audience and his confidence in the subject matter meant that inspiring and thought provoking sessions were delivered.

Staff are constantly referring to the training when we meet and we use the skills and questions he taught us, to challenge our own way of working and to challenge our client group of disadvantaged young people to build resilience and grow.

If you need a highly motivated and a high quality facilitator and educator then I cannot recommend Bruce Aitchison highly enough. Top quality IT presentations supported the message being delivered and we have all been inspired by his visit.

We look forward to booking Bruce again for a second visit to see if we have met the challenge laid down to us and to see how he can challenge us further to be a better provision.

For a verbal recommendation or telephone discussion, then please call me at the Aspire Academy in Worcester on 01905 455422 and I would be more than happy to expand on what is written here.


Mr Richard Bramhall, Deputy Head Teacher, St Peter’s Primary School, Galashiels

Bruce spoke recently to our Primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils on the subject of ‘Growth Mindset’; a subject that he is passionately enthusiastic about. This is not a subject that Bruce speaks theoretically about, he lives and breathes Growth Mindset and his presentation was peppered throughout with very personal anecdotes, grounding lofty aspirations in gritty reality. His subject content was absolutely relevant to the age group, with a blend of visual presentation, demonstration and lively discussion. Bruce engaged us all for an hour – at times we laughed, at times we had a lump in our throats, but we were all challenged and inspired.

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