How It All Started...

Happiness is Egg Shaped started from my love of Rugby Union. My older brother Craig got me a t-shirt for my birthday with ‘Happiness is Egg Shaped’ on the front in the shape of a rugby ball. I loved it. My brother knows me well.

My Happiness is Egg Shaped. I played (slowly!), I coach, I support, I coach educate, I read about it, talk about it, think about it and quite often even dream about it. Since Happiness is Egg Shaped has come into being on Facebook, then Twitter and now here on the internet, I have realised that I am certainly not alone! Many others have been infected by this great game too, like me, for life!

Now Happiness is Egg Shaped is growing. There is merchandise, blogs, educational talks, after dinner speeches, Christmas Carols and all sorts of other rugby related nonsense. I love it all and feel very grateful that others seem to like it too!

I hope you enjoy your visit to the site, feel free to get in touch and hopefully at some point soon we can share some Egg Shaped Happiness!